Athena Promotes

One of Athena’s overriding goals is to educate, raise awareness and provide accessibility to information for women involved in sports, from girls of earliest childhood age through fully fledged competitive female athletes.

Knowledge is an indispensable force in the movement to effect the conceptual change Athena is working to promote. Therefore, Athena initiates various programs intended to expose female athletes and trainees at all levels to important, helpful, inspirational and professionally enriching content.

Athena Ambassadors

The ambassadors go out into the field, appear in front of diverse audiences, promote social dialogue on women’s sports and competitive sports. They shatter stereotypes and promote female leadership in the world of sports.... Further Reading

Athena Plus

The Athena Professional Unit offers an enrichment program, Athena Plus, which will constitute an integral part of the change of attitudes necessary to upgrade the status of women’s sports in Israel.... Further Reading