Athena Scholarships

Each year, Athena offers dozens of scholarships for female athletes and women for their advancement and development in the field of sports.

The scholarship foundation, “Athena – Ever Upward”, is intended to provide female athletes with new opportunities and directions, and aspires to create a future leadership of women’s sports consisting of female athletes and educated, well-rewarded professionals.

The scholarship fund also engages in creating a professional horizon in an orderly, attractive manner for young female athletes, offering them the chance to plan their long-term future.

Who is eligible to apply for a scholarship?

The scholarships are intended for past and present female athletes, according to a criteria document published annually.

Professional diploma study scholarships

Each year, Athena awards about 70 diploma study scholarships to enable development in the field of sports for trainer, coaching and refereeing courses. In the future, scholarships will also be awarded for management courses. The courses are intended for past and present female athletes, coaches, referees and sports managers.