Female Leadership

Female leadership in sports is a catchphrase for: more women in management, more senior female managers, more coaches, more referees and more women in sports media. All this is intended to bring about an increase in the number of female athletes, and to positively influence the issue of gender equality, equality in management and in leadership of sports in Israel – each in itself a critical issue.

Athena operates in a variety of ways to advance appropriate representation for women among decision makers and sports policy makers, while focusing on narrowing gaps and aiming for equality. This is motivated by a desire for quantitative and equalizing change among decision makers, sports organizations, federations, clubs and, of course, female athletes themselves.

Leadership development and advancement of women in sports will enable female athletes, once they reach the end of their first career as active athletes, to move on to a “second career”, working in the management and professional fields of the sporting world. The goal is to turn this into a desirable option for their future careers, establishing a long-term employment horizon for female athletes.

For this, Athena has set itself the following goals:

To expand women’s involvement in the circles of decision makers

To increase the number of female managers, placing more women in key positions in sports clubs and sports departments

To increase the number of coaches

To increase the number of women referees,  to encourage and place women in refereeing positions

To retain retiring female athletes and keep them in the world of sports, cultivating them and priming them to play their part as sport’s future female leadership

These long-term processes are tremendously important to sports for all and to women’s sports, in particular – processes whose fruits will be reaped in the future.

Leadership Course – Equal in Sports

A course in female leadership in sports, forming a part of the enrichment program on women’s sports leadership and management. The course is intended for outstanding women who are in the “present circles of sporting influence”.... Further Reading