Leadership Course – Equal in Sports

Athena – Striving for Excellence in Sports Management

A course in female leadership in sports, forming a part of the enrichment program on women’s sports leadership and management. The course is intended for outstanding women who are in the “present circles of sporting influence”.

Course Objectives:

To create an enrichment program for women selected to take the course, who are interested in advancing their involvement among sports decision makers at the local and national level.

Acquisition of tools for contending with managerial and interpersonal aspects, and for the development of a sense of solidarity in entities in which there is a male majority


We’re On Our Way, the first course of the Athena National Project on Female Leadership, “Equal in Sports”

The first course of the Athena National Project on Female Leadership, “Equal in Sports”, got underway on Tuesday, April 4, 2015.

The course, in partnership with the KEN (Power to Women) Association, is unique and the first of its kind. It has been devised out of a desire to create a group of influential women from within the local authorities, which will equip itself with the tools required for dealing with issues of politics, gender, sports, leadership and budgeting from a gender-oriented perspective.

The course will consist of 10 sessions, two of which will be field trips to a local authority and to the Israel Knesset.

After having been selected through personal interviews and a screening process, 21 women are participating in the course. To our great regret, we were compelled to turn down a substantial number of women for lack of space, as the course program was based on detailed evaluation and clearly-set criteria

The following is a listing of the participants in the first course:

חברות הקורס הראשון - שוות בספורט

Members of the first course – Equal in Sports

Daphna Siboni, Manager, Sports Department, Shaar HaNegev Regional Council

Anna Bassis-Aouad, Manager, Sports Department, Daliyat al-Karmel

Ofira Yohanan Volk, Member, Tel Aviv-Yaffo Municipal Council; Member, Sports Committee; Member, Board of Directors, Sport Palaces Company

Tali Amit, Assistant Deputy Director-General, Administration and Culture, Ramat Gan Municipality

Merav Grossman, Marketing and Project Coordinator, Sports Department, Misgav Regional Council

Keren Hemmo, Manager, Physical Education for Preschools, Herzliya Municipality

Gal Eckstein, Physical Education Coordinator, Raanana

Hilla Elankri, Sports Promotion Association, Givatayim Municipality

Mor Ephraim, Sports and Classes Coordinator, Sports Department, Bnei Shimon Regional Council

Shimrit Haddad – Coordinator, Physical Unit, Sports Department, Ramat Gan

Libi Elkrieff, Deputy Mayor and Head, Sports Committee, Ramat Yishai

Michal Shahaf, Manager, External Relations and Assistant to the Mayor, Netanya

Danit Dietersdorf, Sports Coordinator, Mateh Asher Regional Council

Dorothy Gur, Founder and Manager, Hapoel Raanana Girls’ Football

Galit Mussai, Administrative and Professional Manager, Girls’ Department, Ramat Hasharon (and basketball)

Hagit Gal, Basketball Coach at Gederot; Wheelchair Basketball Player, Gederot Regional Council

Irit Berko, Manager, Swimming, Shoham

Limor Hershko, Deputy Director General, Sports Club, Ramat HaSharon

Ruth Zeluf, Manager, Women’s Basketball Team, Maccabi Topaz Rehovot

Merav Olejnik, Sports Committee, Lev HaSharon Regional Council, Sports Association, Hapoel Lev HaSharon

Michal Gal-Melikin, Municipal Swimming Coordinator, Community, Youth & Sport Department, Tel Aviv Municipality