Merav Olejnik

Merav Olejnik Athena Coordinator in the Professional Unit - Coordination of infrastructures and projects at local authorities, Coordinator of water sports: swimming, sailing and Athena activities in Schools Association

“The Athena Project, for me, is the most appropriate place to be. It is the means of inculcating, teaching, educating and leading girls and women in Israel to the “right thing” – the place from which to drive and influence educational, athletic and social change in the country. “


Athena Coordinator, Professional Unit, Coordination of infrastructures and projects at local authorities

Coordinator, Water Sports: swimming and sailing

Athena Program Supervisor, Schools Association

  • Coordinator of teams, Zinman Physical Education College, Wingate Institute
  • Member, Israel Olympic Plenary Committee, 2004-2012
  • Manager, Israel Water Polo Youth/Girl Teams
  • BEd, Physical Education, Zinman College for Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Wingate Institute, specializing in rehabilitation of the disabled and swimming coaching
  • MA, Clark University, USA, Public Administration in Education
  • Diploma Studies, Sports CEO, School of Coaching, Wingate Institute.
  • Senior Swimming Coach, Nat Holman School of Coaches and Instructors, Wingate Institute
Sporting achievements:
  • Handball player, National League
  • Water polo player, participated in establishment of women’s water polo sports in Israel
  • Cup Holder and National Champion, three years in a row, ASA Wingate Club
Contact details: