To Bring About Social and Gender Change in Israeli Sporting Culture, Ensuring Full and Equal Participation for Girls, Adolescents and Women in All Sports and at All Levels”.

Historically, women’s sports have been at a disadvantage in terms of their number, status and social standing in Israel and the world. The number of girls and adolescents steered toward sports, the number of competitive athletes, the budgetary allocations to women’s sports over the years – all of these are in need of improvement, if gender equality is to be achieved.

Engaging in sports is a social, ethical and educational instrument, which impacts all circles, beginning with the individual, through to the community and, finally, to society at large, making them all more egalitarian and more just – when women become equal partners in the sporting arena.

Increased awareness of this issue and leading trends for change are creating a new reality for women’s sports in Israel.

The Public Council for the Promotion of Women’s Sports in Israel and the Athena Professional Unit aspire to create social and gender change in Israel’s sports culture, in a way that will ensure the full participation of girls, adolescents and women in all sports and at all levels.

The overriding goals of the Public Council for the Promotion of Women’s Sports are:

  1. To build a quantitative and qualitative infrastructure of female athletes nationwide, while opening opportunities for each and every girl, adolescent or woman to engage in sports – at any age, anywhere and at every competitive level, with emphasis on a broad range of population groups.
  2. To create female leadership in sports – suitable representation for women among decision makers and policy makers in sports – while ensuring equitable and appropriate allocation of budgeting and the investment of resources, and their administration among decision makers. To encourage and present opportunities for women to engage in sports-related professions, including coaching, administration and refereeing, while creating long-term employment prospects for women in sports.
  3. To educate for a change in attitudes in Israeli society as to the importance of sports as a vital factor in the skilling and shaping of every young girl. To encourage, assist, guide and support girls to engage in sporting activities from an early age and to persist in sports, out of the recognition of the advantages inherent in sports as a vector for success, personal empowerment, life skills and a more egalitarian society.