About Athena

Athena – the Professional Unit of the National Project for the Advancement of Women in Sports

Athena, the professional branch of the Public Council for the Promotion of Women’s Sports in Israel, under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Sport, operates under a multi-year plan.
Athena opens opportunities for girls, adolescents and women in sports through targeted programs in a variety of sports, sports organizations, projects at sports clubs, programs involving local authorities and programs promoting female leadership in sports.
Athena’s activities involve girls and women of all ages in popular and  competitive sports. Athena works to discover, retain and promote girls and women in all branches of sports, from girls in primary school through supporting female athletes on the verge of inclusion in Israel’s Olympic delegation.
Athena stimulates conversations in the content areas of women in sports and places them on the public agenda through conferences, forums and gatherings. Athena also provides a broad range of enrichment tools, like Toolbox and Athena Ambassadors.
All of these, and many more, help to spread and deepen sporting activity among girls, adolescents and women at all levels, to consolidate and professionalize female management in sports and to achieve impressive results in the competitive arena.
Athena programs inspire and encourage thinking of sports as a way of life, as a bridge between diverse cultural attitudes and as a powerful social and educational instrument that must be accessible to every girl and woman, wherever she may be.

Athena’s Professional Unit – Organizational Structure:

Omrit Yanilov-Edden – Manager, Professional Unit , the National Project for the Advancement of Women in Sports

Tal Aloni Rosen – Manager, Marketing and Branding

Einat Ronen, Sahar Aloni, Lior Goldin, Merav Olejnik – Professional Coordinators, responsible for promoting and developing lateral issues such as: developing infrastructures, female leadership, changing attitudes, as well as coordination, supervision and oversight of Athena’s work in the various sports.

Athena Coordinators

do field work in sports associations, unions and local authorities, promoting and integrating the Project’s programs through collaboration with the various target audiences.