Athena with the Ayelet Federation

The Ayelet Federation for Non-Olympic Competitive Sports supports and promotes the achievements of competitive athletes in non-Olympic sports.

Ayelet includes the following entities: The Wushu (Kung-Fu) Federation of Israel, the Israel Bridge Federation, the Roller Skating Federation, the Jiu Jitsu Federation, the Hang Gliding Federation, the Israel Aeroclub (Gliding), the Israel Climbers’ Association, the Paragliding Federation, the Surfing Organization, the Lawn Bowls Association, the Israel Bowling Federation, the Squash Federation, the Parachuting Association, the Sambo Association, the Karate Federation, the Cricket Federation, the Orienteering Association, the Tug of War Federation, the Sport Climbing Association, the Softball Federation, the Waterski Association, the Pétanque Federation, the Israel Aeroclub (Aeromodelling), the American Football Association, the Associaton for Light Sporting Aviation, the Association for General Aviation, the Israeli Ballroom Dancing Federation, the Association of Kickboxing in Israel, the Israel Kendo and Budo Association, the Israel Chess Association.

Athena works with the Ayelet Federation to support female athletes in a variety of sports and help them achieve new heights. Athena Team athletes receive ongoing support for their sporting activities and professional counseling.

Athena’s activities include holding training camps for Ayelet athletes, skills training, social and bonding activities, professional lectures, and more.

Link to the website of the Ayelet Federation website