Women’s Leadership

Women’s leadership in sports is a general term meaning: more women in management, more female managers in senior positions, more female trainers, more female referees, and more women in media. This is all in order to lead to an increase in the number of female athletes and have an essential positive influence on the issues of gender equality as well as management and leadership in Israeli sports.

Athena acts in various ways to promote appropriate representation of women among leading policy makers in sports, with a focus on reducing gaps and striving for equality, out of the desire for meaningful, egalitarian change on the part of decision makers, sports entities, federations, clubs, the media, and, of course, femael athletes.

Developing leadership and promoting women in the various sports will allow the female athletes who are ending their first career in sports a “second career” in sports management and sports professions - an attractive option for the future with room for long-term employment for female athletes.

Equality in Sports Course

Female trainers are underrepresented at the various sports clubs and associations – most choose not to apply for senior training, are absent from management centers, and encounter barriers arising from the fact of their womanhood. Most female trainers leave the profession at various stages of life.

The primary objectives of Athena – the National Center for Promoting Women’s Sports in Israel – include changing this scenario via: increasing awareness of gender barriers, expanding the community of trainers, promoting and retaining leading trainers, joint learning groups for peers, and activities for egalitarian and leading representation of female trainers at centers of influence in Israeli sports as a whole and women’s sports in particular.

  • Expansion of knowledge and professional, organizational, and individual tools in the fields of sports and training from social-political perspectives, with a focus on training girls, young women, and women.
  • The development of a “gender lens” for barriers
    and the challenges facing women trainers.
  • Networking for trainers
    and women in sports.


The course will be composed of three clusters of knowledge, based on the link between gender and sports, and include lectures, workshops, skill development, and meetings with leading women.
Gender and sports in Israel:
The Athena project, national and local sports policies, social and political initiatives in sports, and more.
Trainers as agents of change:
Adopting and developing a ‘gender-based lens’ for such topics as training girls/young women/women, ethics and fairness in gender issues, preventing sexual assault, entrepreneurship and leadership, change, and more.
Associations, trainers, and what lies between:
Digital marketig and advertising, and more.

“Graduates of Equality in Sports” Forum:

‘Equality in Sports’ is a program in the framework of Women’s Leadership. Program participants will be women in positions of influence in their professions or organizations. Athena views these participants as change agents for promoting sports for girls, young women, and women, and, of course - advancing the cause of equality and gender fairness.

Following the success of these programs, we seek to create a network of course alumni for reinforcing the social network and discussing issues of gender-based change in the various spheres of activity.

A continuing course for ‘Equality in Sports’ participants to retain, assist, and develop their professional skills on gender issues, in order for the network to grow and expand over time.

A yearlong program with 4-5 meetings (once a quarter)
The program will provide a meeting place with room for consultations on dilemmas in the lives of trainers and managers, share professional and organizational knowledge, encourage partnerships, and lectures on selected topics.
Program objectives:
Professional and personal development for course alumni as change agents on gender issues in the various sports fields and organizations. Encouraging partnerships and developing a network to provide support and strength.
Target audience:
Alumni of the ‘Equality in Sports’ program.