Champion Leagues

Marketing Ballgame Leagues
The Ministry of Culture and Sport funds champion ballgame leagues in 2 fields:
  1. Funding tests
    Using funding tests, the Ministry disbursed a total of 6,000,000 NIS to associations and champion leagues in 2020 (dedicated funding budget for champion leagues), based on the established standards and criteria for the above.
  2. Marketing budgets - Changing minds in champion ballgame leagues - The Athena way
    According to a decision by the Supreme Court of Israel, the petition of the director of the Women’s Basketball League, the Committe for Women’s Sports dated the 14.9.2016, the Committee decided to authorize a five-year-plan for women’s sports, including an allocation of 1,500,000 NIS for team sports (senior leagues in ballgame sports), according to the article on changing public opinion, to be disttributed among the sports based on criteria determined by the Committee for Women’s Sports.

    1.5 million NIS are distributed according to criteria determined in advance and reviewed at the end of each game season.
In the 2020-2021 season, the Ministry of Culture and Sport decided on an additional 1.5 million NIS for promoting, reinforcing, and marketing champion ballgame leagues. The total amount distributed for marketing champion leagues in the 4 major ballgames: basketball, football - champion leagues - volleyball, handball - preferred sports - 3,000,000 NIS.
The funds are transferred on the basis of marketing programs for each of the four fields, controlled and transferred by Athena - the Center
for Promoting Women’s Sports at the Wingate Institute.

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